Veterinary Assistant

Loranda was born and raised on Vancouver Island, BC. Her love of horses started a young age, where she started Natural Horsemanship and riding as a young child. Her star mount, Dancer, has allowed her to ‘do-it-all’, from western riding to jumping, to even being pulled behind her on a sled. Loranda always dreamed of breeding her mare Dancer so she could welcome her next mount into the world. In the spring of 2016, Loranda’s filly, Cari, was born, turning her dream into a reality. As Loranda’s passion for horses continued to expand, she discovered her love for farriery. In 2017, Loranda took a barefoot trimming course through the Okanagan School of Natural Hoof Care where she became a certified barefoot trimmer and Cavallo Inc product dealer. She has been able to take her knowledge and apply it to her small client base here on the Island.  Loranda’s next goal with her farrier career is to attend the farrier science program at Olds College where she will continue to learn everything she can about the equine hoof. Loranda is currently wait listed for the September 2019 enrollment! In her spare time when she is not working, you can find Loranda trail riding and getting lost in the back country of Vancouver Island, as well as taking up archery and photography. Loranda also spends her spare time volunteering at the local horse rescue, donating barefoot trims for the rescue horses. Loranda has been working with Swiftsure Equine Veterinary Services since February 2018 and is excited for the opportunities that this position continues to give her.