Breeding a mare is often a lengthy and exciting journey. From selecting a stallion to timing your mare’s heat cycle, breeding is a dynamic but calculated process. There are many questions you will need answered before calling our office including:

  • Does the stallion breeder use live cover or ship fresh cooled or frozen semen?
  • Where does the semen ship from? On which days? And using which transport carrier?
  • Is the semen shipped from the US or Internationally?
  • Does your mare show signs of heat or are her cycles silent?
  • Do you know where your mare is in her heat cycle?
  • Has your mare ever successfully carried a pregnancy, aborted, or is she maiden?

These questions and more must be answered before the breeding process can begin. Therefore it’s best to start planning early, usually in early spring i.e. February or March.

Once your mare is pregnant, we will need to address her management to ensure a healthy pregnancy. These factors include:

  • Proper nutrition
  • Deworming
  • Exercise
  • Vaccinations

See our pamphlet for further information.