November: Unwelcomed Guests

November Case of the Month: Unwelcomed Guests Jeremy recently returned to Vancouver Island from the interior of BC and was having a gastroscopy performed after experiencing a few episodes of mild […]

October: Taking Matters into his Own Hooves

October Case of the Month: Taking Matters into his Own Hooves Harold, a large draft horse, came in from the field one day with a rather peculiar lameness: he couldn’t […]

September: A Pain in the Mouth

September Case of the Month: A Pain in the Mouth Rouleaux is Dr. McDonald’s 5-year-old warmblood mare, who was found on a routine dental to have a cheek tooth that […]

August: Eye See a Problem

August Case of the Month: Eye See a Problem Cherry is a 14-year-old Gypsy Vanner mare used as a therapy horse. She was diagnosed with uveitis – inflammation within the […]

July: The Hairless Spot

July Case of the Month: The Hairless Spot Doxsey is a 3-year-old paint gelding who’s very observant owner noticed a funny hairless spot on his right cheek that was slowly […]

June: Social Butterfly

June Case of the Month: Social Butterfly Lucky is a social gelding that suffered a kick when he was out running in the field with his buddies. At first it […]

May: Minis!

May Case of the Month: Minis! Spring is always associated with newborn foals. This May, seemed a little unusual in that we saw so many mini foals. I don’t think […]

April: Head Shaking Syndrome – A Positive Outcome For Once

April Case of the Month: Head Shaking Syndrome – A Positive Outcome For Once Ellie moved to the Island last year and quickly developed allergies and head shaking, to her […]

March: Fecal Transfaunation

March Case of the Month: Fecal Transfaunation Lola is a 19-year-old mare used as a school horse who has had the somewhat embarrassing problem of chronic diarrhea. Her owner and […]

February: Nine Lives – Willie the Wonder Horse

February Case of the Month: Nine Lives – Willie the Wonder Horse! Willie has lived through a few major setbacks, but seems to keep coming back as good as new. […]