March: Fecal Transfaunation

March Case of the Month: Fecal Transfaunation Lola is a 19-year-old mare used as a school horse who has had the somewhat embarrassing problem of chronic diarrhea. Her owner and the team at Swiftsure have tried a variety of management changes and medications over the year plus that she has struggled with diarrhea without lasting […]

January: Osteochondritis dessicans (OCDS)

January Case of the Month: Osteochondritis dessicans (OCDS) Osteochondritis dessicans (OCDS) is a relatively common developmental disease that affects the cartilage and joints of horses. Although we typically associate this disease with Warmblood breeds, we can see it in many other breeds including Thoroughbreds, Quarter Horses and Drafts. Its not uncommon to perform OCD survey […]

December: A Christmas Miracle!

December Case of the Month: A Christmas Miracle! Sandy, a spirited Thoroughbred, decided to kick up his heals during our Christmas snowfall and caught himself in every horse owner’s worst nightmare. The terrified owner witnessed him rear up over the fence to play with his paddock mate, slipped, and came down with his leg wedged […]

November: Peroneus Tear

November Case of the Month: Peroneus Tear Fancy came in from her paddock with a hind limb lameness. Her owner noticed a little bit of heat above her hock but no obvious swelling. The most unique finding was that when her owner picked up her hind leg to examine it, she had a lot of […]

October: Seeing Double

October Case of the Month: Seeing Double On a routine dental float of a young 4-year-old draft mare, Dr Danica saw something very unusual in her mouth… Berry had too many front teeth! Horses typically have 12 incisor teeth – 3 left and 3 right maxillary, and 3 left and 3 right mandibular teeth. At […]

September: Breeding Season!

September Case of the Month: Breeding Season! As breeding season has come to a close for another year, we wanted to take an opportunity to congratulate and brag on our expecting mares from this season. Cedar Vista Stables Cedar Vista Stables is expecting two pony foals next year! “Becky” is a young Welsh Section B […]

July: An Odd Swelling

July Case of the Month: An Odd Swelling This summer our patient “Jenga” developed an odd swelling of his upper inner hindlimb with an associated lameness, but no visible wound. At that time, it seemed like Jenga had strained the muscles of his inner thigh and/or hamstrings based on the swelling and sensitivity pattern, and […]

June – A Sideways Problem

June Case of the Month: A Sideways Problem Roger was a 27 year old Tb gelding that developed acute, progressive hind end instability over several days. He was first noted to seem more stiff in his hind end than usual and was placing his hind limbs abnormally. He was also noted to bump into the […]

May: An Unexpected Happy Surprise!

May Case of the Month: An Unexpected Happy Surprise! Inara is a 4-year-old Andalusian mare who was bought by her current owner this past fall. She bought her as a project horse and has been putting lots of work into her training through the fall and winter. In March, her owner noticed that Inara was […]

April: Spring Vaccines and their Reactions

April Case of the Month: Spring Vaccines and their Reactions Lucy is an 8 year old warmblood mare who the owner recently purchased as a dressage prospect. Lucy came from a training barn in Alberta where she was vaccinated and dewormed last year. As Lucy’s owner prepared for the summer season, she wanted to ensure […]