May: An Unexpected Happy Surprise!

May Case of the Month: An Unexpected Happy Surprise! Inara is a 4-year-old Andalusian mare who was bought by her current owner this past fall. She bought her as a project horse and has been putting lots of work into her training through the fall and winter. In March, her owner noticed that Inara was […]

April: Spring Vaccines and their Reactions

April Case of the Month: Spring Vaccines and their Reactions Lucy is an 8 year old warmblood mare who the owner recently purchased as a dressage prospect. Lucy came from a training barn in Alberta where she was vaccinated and dewormed last year. As Lucy’s owner prepared for the summer season, she wanted to ensure […]

March: Veterinarian & Farrier Teamwork

March Case of the Month: Veterinarian & Farrier Teamwork Brian is a 12 year old draft gelding who presented for an intermittent non-weight bearing lameness on the left hind limb. Lameness exam revealed that Brian was remarkably sound in a straight line and circling each direction with minimal response to flexion of the upper or […]

February: Gastroscopy Explained

February Case of the Month: Gastroscopy Explained So, you’re concerned your horse may have gastric ulcers; maybe he’s been a bit colicky lately after eating his grain, or he’s started making angry faces when you tighten his girth, or he kicks out when you ask him to canter, or any other number of possible symptoms. […]

January: A Donkey Feature!

January Case of the Month: A Donkey Feature! This case of the month is more a “featured patients of the month” than a specific case. We wanted to highlight two of Dr. McDonald’s regular spinal manipulation patients: miniature donkeys Libella and Timmy. Libella has been getting adjusted regularly since February of 2020, and she was […]

December: An Out Of Place Problem

December Case of the Month: An Out Of Place Problem Carl is a 12 year old miniature horse stallion who is used for driving, shows in-hand, and he is an active breeding stallion. When he is not living with the breeding mares doing his important work, Carl lives in a paddock alone, but with a […]

November: Vitamin E and Selenium

November Case of the Month: Vitamin E and Selenium Deficiencies This case of the month was inspired by a number of cases we have seen lately where horses present for general muscle stiffness and poor performance. Bloodwork in these horses has revealed selenium and/or vitamin E deficiency. Selenium is a trace mineral that is required […]

October: A Worsening Lameness

October Case of the Month: A Worsening Lameness Marvin is a seasoned show horse who competes in the hunter/jumpers. In regular turnout one day, Marvin was noted to be kicked in the front leg by another horse. At the time he was only mildly lame with no swelling. There was a small wound which was […]

September: Impaction Colic

September Case of the Month: Impaction Colic Star, a 10 year old Quarter Horse mare, was found in her paddock early one morning showing signs of colic. She was pawing and trying to roll repeatedly. There were multiple piles of normal manure from overnight, but she had leftover hay and showed no interest in feed. […]

August: Granulosa Cell Tumors & Aggressive Behaviours

August Case of the Month: Granulosa Cell Tumors & Aggressive Behaviours Gina is a 6 year old sport horse mare that is early in her training. Despite appropriate early training, Gina has shown some aggressive behaviours towards people and horses that is bordering on dangerous at times. This aggression did not seem to be associated […]