Similar to humans with Type II Diabetes, horses with Insulin Resistance (IR) do not respond normally to the insulin produced by their body.  Our hope and goal is that with strict feed management, regular exercise and maintaining and lean body mass, the disease will not progress much further.

Maintaining the horse on a steady supply of low sugar/starch/carbohydrate foods so that their glucose and subsequent insulin levels do not spike, is crucial. Feeding horses small frequent meals, and through a slow feeder net helps us achieve our goals.

Regular exercise to burn any stored or circulating glucose, as well as encourage weight loss is equally important. Fat cells store many inflammatory mediators that encourage the propagation of inflammation throughout the body. These mediators lead to the desensitization of tissues to insulin as well as the inflammation of the laminae in the feet. So by eliminating excess fat cells, we can actually prevent the progression of the disease.

Please see our pamphlet for general guidelines.