horse with weight loss problemsAt every annual examination, the topic of weight and dietary management is always reviewed. Unfortunately, with no thanks to our lush pastures, many horses in our area suffer from varying degrees of obesity. The common question of “How can I get my horse to lose weight?” is often discussed. If only it was as simple as ‘Eat Less and Exercise More’… but if that were the case, every horse would be an excellent weight!

The general principles of weight loss are:

  • Feed low NSC hay at 1.5-2% body weight
  • Avoid grazing and treats such as carrots and apples
  • Avoid high calorie feeds such as certain pellets, grains, oils, and beet pulp
  • Exercise daily that encourages calorie burning
  • Avoid fasting your horse for too many hours in the day
  • Set realistic weight loss goals and monitor weight loss regularly

Please see our pamphlet for more detailed information.