Castrating or gelding your colt is a one of the first big milestones after his birth. If you are unfamiliar with this procedure, there are a few things to organize before booking your appointment:

What is required prior to castration:

  • Vaccine history
  • Confirmation of dropped testicles
  • Warm & dry day
  • Flat, grassy and dry area for the surgery
  • Warm water

What is required after castration:

  • Stall over night with straw bedding
  • Observation
  • Administration of medication(s)
  • 24 hours post surgery exercise

Castration, although very common, is a major surgery usually performed under general anesthesia, as it carries inherent risks and potential complications. These will be discussed at the time of the appointment, but you can preview them below.

See our Castration Consent Form for further details.