April: Spring Babies!

This April we welcomed three little patients to our practice, some littler than others! Three foals were born during the month of April; two miniature horses, Squish and Salem, at Karlena Farms and a warmblood, Taco, at Cedar Vista Stables.

Lena from Karlena Farms, recalls Squish’s foaling as the quickest delivery she has ever seen! She noticed on the camera in the house the mare was down, and by the time she arrived at the barn, the filly was out and born. Lena’s second foal Salem, born 10 days later, was a bit of a surprise as the evening prior to delivery, the maiden mare was not showing any signs of labour. The next morning she woke to a dry, standing filly with two blue eyes. Congratulations to Karlena Farms on their new additions and a successful foaling season!

Meghan from Cedar Vista Stables, welcomed their first foal of the year, Taco, at the end of April. Meghan says that Taco is very funny, loves playing and being scratched. Congratulations Meghan and Cedar Vista to your new foal!

Click here to see a video of Taco’s birth.