December: A Christmas Miracle!

December Case of the Month: A Christmas Miracle!

Sandy, a spirited Thoroughbred, decided to kick up his heals during our Christmas snowfall and caught himself in every horse owner’s worst nightmare. The terrified owner witnessed him rear up over the fence to play with his paddock mate, slipped, and came down with his leg wedged between the fence post and metal gate. He panicked and flailed while his owners tried to calm and free him. The post and gate didn’t budge, but he managed to free himself luckily. He stood and immediately was non-weight bearing. Sandy’s owner couldn’t help but think the worst… broken leg. Dr. Danica arrived quickly, radiographed his injured leg and assessed his shocky condition. The verdict: some muscle and soft tissue blunt trauma, several small cuts and abrasions, and torn coronary band. He limped back to his paddock, with bandaged legs, and within a couple weeks was trotting soundly and back to trying to kick up his heals. Miraculous!