February: Scarlett – A Community Coming Together

Scarlett is an older Thoroughbred broodmare who needed to have surgery to remove her ovaries. Usually a very sweet mare, she recently had been demonstrating some strange behaviours: She was showing some aggression towards her herd mates, showing moderate back pain under saddle and lactating despite not being pregnant. During the diagnostic process, we discovered her ovaries were cystic and there was a granulosa cell tumour growing in one of them. Lucky for her, she had recently been welcomed into a barn family less than a year earlier who were not willing to let this problem persist. Instead the barn family held fundraisers to raise the monies for her $2500 surgery. She had the surgery March 1st and has recovered without complications. The fundraising efforts are continuing including a Paint Night being hosted at the Waddling Dog on May 6th from 6-8pm which is SOLD OUT. If you are interested in attending a future paint night or donating money to help pay for her surgery, please contact us for more details.