January: Lady – Wound to the Armpit

Lady, a TB mare, like many horses, has a history getting herself into trouble. This was not more evident than her recent escape attempt at her new barn. Something spooked her in the early morning in November and she attempted to jump a 5 foot fence. Unfortunately she got caught up in the fence post as it pierced into her axilla (armpit) before she could free herself. When she was found shortly after, she was in shock and unable to walk.

Thanks to the quick response of her team of supporters as well as Dr Melissa Eden, she was stabilized while Danica and Melissa assessed if there were any fractured of the sternum, ribs or forearm, pneumothorax or damage to the imporant nerves and blood vessels in the axilla (brachial plexus). Luckily, no important structures were damaged besides a little lung contusion. The wound itself was very deep (10 inches deep and 14 inches long) and required the removal of wood particles as well as some sutures and drains.

Lady was treated with a long course of antibiotics, and her caregivers diligently flushed out her deep wound multiple times per day as the pocket began to slowly fill in with healthy tissue once again.

Lady is continuing to do extremely well and her wound has almost completely healed. She is moving very well and  she is very excited to be a regular horse again!