May: An Unexpected Happy Surprise!

May Case of the Month: An Unexpected Happy Surprise!

Inara is a 4-year-old Andalusian mare who was bought by her current owner this past fall. She bought her as a project horse and has been putting lots of work into her training through the fall and winter. In March, her owner noticed that Inara was starting to develop an udder, and had noticed her gaining weight through the winter, despite increasing workload and careful management of her diet. So Inara’s owner had Swiftsure out to check if she was pregnant, and lo and behold, there was a foal on ultrasound. The fetus was healthy and active, and it was estimated to be a 9-10 month pregnancy. This gave Inara’s owner some time to prepare for a foal she was not expecting to have. We boostered Inara’s vaccinations at that same appointment to be sure she would produce high quality colostrum for her foal, and helped her owner learn the signs to watch for to tell when Inara might be getting close to foaling.

We’re happy to announce that on May 4, 2021, Inara foaled a beautiful, healthy colt named Cassidy. He and Inara are healthy and Inara has been an excellent mother. We’re excited that we were able to be there for Inara, Cassidy and their owner, and look forward to seeing what Cassidy grows up into. Just look how cute he is in these photos graciously provided by his owner!